Le cuisine cookware – Cook chicken in oven.

Le Cuisine Cookware


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  • Cuisine is a bi-monthly food and wine magazine published in New Zealand. It began publication in 1986, and has also existed in website form since December 2000.
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le cuisine cookware


For Rhonda, this is our le crueset batterie de cuisine. We have another few big pieces and we use all of it. Really. Oh yeah, can you tell that one of us is crazy about Orange — that would be TH.

We use a combination of Mauviel copper procured both here and France, this stuff, some Cuisinart stainless that TH’s father gave her and for boiling pasta and what not, the venerable Revereware.

Copco by Michael Lax logo

Copco by Michael Lax logo
The logo for a brown, 1 quart, cast iron sauce pan designed by Michael Lax for Copco, Denmark in the 1960s. See profile for more details.